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Cleaning Up

Tweet Hello My Friends, I was up at the house today. The ex-house. The future house. The house site. These distinctions drive me crazy when I try to talk to people. There is no “house” there, but I still think … Continue reading

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Hey, We Won!

Tweet Burning Down the House –  Westword Web Award for Best Personal Blog of 2010! Here’s the review from the judges: Best Personal Blog: “A touching, incredibly well-written blog by a woman whose house has burned down twice — … Continue reading

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A Little Look Into My Life Right Now

Tweet “They say that these are not the best of times, but they’re the only times I’ve ever known…”  – Billy Joel, “Summer, Highland Falls.” Hello Friends, This afternoon I took a break from working at home in my cottage, … Continue reading

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Fire Season

Tweet November 8th, 2010 Two Months and a Day After The Fire It’s supposed to snow here tonight, and I am restless with anticipation. Snow; when will it arrive?  I’ve been waiting all day, checking the sky, looking up at … Continue reading

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Armies of Angels or, This is Not a Pain Contest

Tweet October 27th, 2010 Seven Weeks After the Fire Last night at dinner, my friend Sandy Hockenbury was telling me about the effects of stress on the human body.  “Intense bursts of short-term stress are actually good for the brain,” … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Tweet November 7th, 2010 Two Months After the Fire English mapmakers used to place the phrase “Here There Be Dragons” at the edges of their known world. If you sailed past this point, they said, you would end up in … Continue reading

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Life On The Edge

Tweet October 22nd, 2010 Six and a Half Weeks After the Fire Hello Friends, Tonight is the beginning of a big football weekend at CU Boulder. Chautauqua is booked up, and all the vacation cottages are rented for the weekend. … Continue reading

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